Heralds of Change

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The group is lost in the twisted tunnels under Gethamane. While they were lost they found a lost work room inside the tunnels. They managed to defeat his guardians and Seeks in shadows was infected with knowledge from the first age that he could not decipher. It slowly started to devour his mind. The group eventually ended up aiding a small party of dwarfs who were being attacked by darklings.

The dwarfs took them to their city where the local god made a deal with them. If they took an item to Cherak for him he would show them the way towards the surface with their latest ore shipment. With little to no choice the characters took advantage of his offer. The item he wished moved was a knife of darkest black jade with a simple leather wrapped handle that was supposed to go to a young Solar named Erika hawk.

Adventures In Gethamane

The characters met in the Halls of Gethamane. Alicia’s character was hiding from the wild hunt who were closing in on her. Seeks in shadows was inexplicably drawn to her. They set a trap for the wild hunt down in lower passages. During the fighting the wild hunt was killed but the tunnel to the upper reaches was collapsed and the players were forced to move deeper into the tunnels to try and find another way out.


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